How to Devise a Personal Practice

So you know your Enneagram type. And you want to engage in a pracitice. Where do you start?

A first step, described in many Enneagram books, is catching yourself in the act as you go about your day, and your habitual reactions assert themselves.

Another simple practice is meditation. Even five minutes a day, paying attention to your breath as best you can will help.

Those are good exercises. And generic. Which is fine. They’re a foundation. Every piano student has to learn her scales.

But what kind of music do you want to play? Classical? Ragtime? Bebop? Country? Blues? A practice should be specific to your type, your level of health, and your life circumstances.

It can still be simple. Engaging socially once a week. Checking in with yourself once a day to see if you’re suppressing your needs. Stopping yourself from jamming your opinion into a conversation when someone else is talking. Paying attention to how strident your conscience is being today.

Each type is multi-faceted. You won’t relate to every element of your type’s profile. And of the parts you do identify with, certain elements will be more problematic than others.

Pick one.

Start small.

Make it doable.

Build from there.

If you don’t know what to do, check in with someone. It’s probably a good idea to check in with someone anyway.

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