About Us

Lindsay Robertson

My passion for The Enneagram was ignited 9 years ago when first discovering ‘The Wisdom of The Enneagram’ (Riso, Hudson) through a friend. This study and passion has grown deeper every day since. I was completely asleep to aspects of myself that were running my life. Once I was awakened, I knew I could never look back. This journey brought me to greater alignment with my creative passion, music. My songwriting became an avenue to accurately express my inner self and reach and affect the hearts of others.

After years of personal study, I knew I wanted to share this practice with others so they could experience the profound guidance, support and growth that I did. I became a student of the Riso/Hudson, Enneagram Institute Teacher Training program. I enrolled in Rhodes Wellness College and became a certified Life Coach, and I’m currently completing their Wellness Counsellor program.

TJ Dawe


The Enneagram came into my life in 2005. I immediately identified as a Four, with a Five wing. Despite my initial fear of being put in a box, I found enormous comfort in being understood so thoroughly, and was intrigued at the gentle challenge offered to remove the blinders that come with being ensconced in one’s type.

Since then I’ve read and reread numerous books on the subject. I’ve written a number of articles on the Enneagram for the group ideas blog Beams and

Struts. I’ve participated in Parts I and III teacher training with the Enneagram Institute, under Russ Hudson. Along with Lindsay Robertson and Jill Cherewyk, I’ve co-facilitated many informal sessions exploring the Enneagram with guests.

I’ve used the Enneagram extensively in my primary career – writing, performing and directing new theatre. I’ve used type profiles to build characters, as well as to effectively communicate with collaborators. I created the monologue Lucky 9, which tells the story of how the Enneagram has influenced my life. I toured this show extensively, including productions at the Enneagram North conference in Toronto, and the Mind Times Nine conference in Victoria, where I’ve presented on other subjects as well.

I look forward to further training, and writing more for this blog.